8 best ways to find job in India

If you were not hired in the college campus, don’t worry. Here I am giving best 8 tips to find jobs easily! Finding a job today is not easy, because of that many young graduate students are unemployed today. So, here I am giving top 8 best ways, by using it anyone can to find jobs in India (Actually, by using given tricks anyone can find jobs anywhere in the world 😉)

There are various ways to find the job online or offline in India. You can find jobs using online portals, newspapers and social media.

By using following methods you can find a job easily,

1. Find job using online job portals

How to find job-Monster.com-registration-ER-planet
Monster.com Registration -ERplanet

You can find jobs using online portals like Naukri.com, Monster.com, Timesjobs.com and many more other sites. If you are a fresher, then www.firstnaukri.com is the best option for you. To find a job on such sites, first you have to register and create job profile. (If you don’t know, How to register on those job portals , then just let me know by commenting.)

2. Find jobs in newspapers

Apart from online job portals, you can find job vacancies in newspapers like,
The Times of India
The Hindu
Indian Express

Newspapers have different sections for job vacancies. Some newspaper prints job vacancies daily and some newspapers print on a weekly basis. Mostly you can find Civil and Mechanical jobs there.
(Note: Avoid classified ads as most of the jobs given there are fake.)

3. Placement agencies in India

Many Indian companies hire employees through placement agencies. So, you can find placement agency and submit your job profile. Most of placement agencies do not charge, but some placement agencies have some charges for their services.
Note: There are so many fake placement agencies who take money from the job seekers and students but does not give any call so, be aware of such fake placement agencies.

4. Find job using references

By using references you can find a job in India. Today, most of the company’s first hire employees by references and then by other ways. So, you can contact your relatives, seniors who are working and ask them for any vacancy in their company or organization. Many companies give referral bonus to their employees.

5. Check companies career page

This is also one of the best ways to find a job for both freshers as well as experienced candidates. Many multinational as well as small scale companies post a job vacancies on their career page. To apply for such a job, either you have to register on their company website or send your job profile directly them on given career email id. MNC companies like TCS, Syntel, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, etc. highers candidates through their own career portal.

Note: MNC companies hire employees by all ways mentioned in this article

6. Use of social media for searching jobs

Social media is very popular and used everywhere nowadays. So, why not we use it to find a job?


Use of LinkedIn for searching jobs – ERplanet

LinkedIn he is a very popular social networking site for professionals. You can find so many jobs. On LinkedIn You can find company profiles and the employees working within that company. You can search and apply jobs posted by companies. But before applying you have to create profiles on LinkedIn similar to Naukri.com and Monster.com


Facebook post for job searching-ERPlanet

As we know that Facebook is a very popular nowadays and we can use it for searching a job! I remember that, one of my friend was looking for a job in the Pharma sector. As I am working in IT sector, I don’t have any reference. So, I simply posted on Facebook that one of my friend is looking for a job in Pharma sector. Later many friends replied to that post and asked to send a CV on their email ID! This way you can find a job very easily. Also, there are so many pages and Groups on Facebook where you will get information on jobs and vacancies.

7. Placement (College student only)

I think, all of you already aware about this. Many companies hire employees from the college campus. So, before taking admission don’t forget to check that, the college has a good placement record. If you already passed out, then you can join CDAC or any other similar short term course where companies hire.

8. Walking’s/Off campus drives

In off campus or walking’s there is no call letter, no CV shortlisting or nothing something like that! 🙂 You can go directly to company on given date and time and attend the aptitude test/interview.

I have given all the necessary information about, How to find job easily. If still you have any questions, you can ask in comment bellow. I will answer all your questions. Also you can share your job hunting experience with other readers of ER planet.

Happy Job Hunting! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for your informative post… are you looking for a job in creative design field check our site

  2. Piyush Kumar Gupta

    I am 22 + experienced professional in Plant Maintenance Deptt.
    From last 5 months I am jobless and regularly searching for suitable Job through different Job portals but not succeeded.
    Suggest me what to do.
    Tension increasing day by day.
    Waiting for your further Suggestion.
    With the best regards
    Piyush Kumar Gupta

  3. I am fresher civil engineer and I am seeking jobs . you have given very useful tips for searching job if someone demand money for giving a job through this steps then what will i do accept or not.

    1. Ideally you should not pay. But in some cases you can give money from your salary earned by that job.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this informative post and tips are really great, You explained everything step by step. My question is that is it good idea to hire job consultancy if you are not able to get job opportunities??

  6. SIR

  7. Great tips. Now day finding a job is tough in this competitive market especial for freshers. and two of the biggest reason is either they don’t know how to find a job or they don’t give interview confidently soo before applying for a job they should work on confidence and appreciate Your worth this will help to get a job. You are jobless not a worthless soo always appreciate yourself.
    and if you are ready for applying jobs than you can check this job portal in India job portal in India

  8. I badly need a job,,i worked for jindal in cnc programs,i leaved that job because of my cruelty circumstances,,,im jobless now ,,can you help me

    1. Hi Bhaskar, Search for companies suitable to you and go to career page and apply for the jobs. It seems to be some effect of Covid 19, but industries are coming back on track. so, just keep applying…

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