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I am going to share my interview experience with you which was given for the post of Software Developer (Dot net).

Company Name: Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (Book my show) (

Job profile: Software Developer (DOT NET) with 2 years of experience. (They given calls to freshers also)

Interview location: Book my show, Mumbai office (Andheri East)

How I found this job vacancy? :

Once I was so bored by doing study & giving interviews again & again. So I thought, let’s plan for and opened site I was checking films and their reviews.
While checking it suddenly clicked in my mind that, “ is the company & they also need Software Developers to maintain their web portal..!”
(when you don’t have job, go anywhere or do anything, you always thinks about where is opening & how do I get job.)

So, I checked career page and wow… it’s amazing..! Luckily I found vacancy there exactly suitable to my job profile and then I sent application on mentioned email id 2 days later I got cal regarding face to face interview as given bellow,

 Erplanet - Book my show interview exp
Erplanet – Book my show interview experience

Finally, I got an interview call. 😉

How to reach there?

I live’s at Dombiwali and my interview location was Andheri East. So first I caught fast local from Dombwali to Ghatkopar and then I went by bus from Ghatkopar to Andheri. After every 5 m. there is Bus from Ghatkopar to Andheri. As I don’t know anything, I caught an auto rickshaw to DLH plaza which is near to shoppers shop.

Description of interview:

Q 1. Tell me something about yourself ? (This is first & most common question that asks all interviewer during interview.)
Ans: Told my name, about graduation then, about my past experience on which technologies I am working, currently where I am working & which projects I have completed during this period. Then I told about my strengths. I told playing cricket is my favorite hobby.

Q 2. which is your favorite player?
Ans: Obviously Sachin Tendulkar..! 🙂

Q 3. Tell 10 qualities of Sachin Tendulkar?
Ans: (I am in mind- “Do you want cricket player or Dot net Developer ?” 🙁 )
1. He is a good batsman.
2. He is a good fielder.
3. Sometimes bowl’s good.
4. He is good in nature
5. He is good team player
6. Helpful nature

Six…I’m counting on my fingers. only six.
I didn’t understand what I can say about 4 more qualities.
while discussing with friends, we can say 20 qualities about Sachin but It’s difficult at the time of interview.

After taking some time… I started,

7. He is a good father
8. He is a good Teacher
9. He is a hard worker
10. He is a good Husband…! 😉

We were watching towards each other.

Q 4. What are the oops concepts?
Ans: object, class, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism are the Important oops concepts. (I think, I had to tell this in little detail)

Q 5. What is Abstraction?
Ans: I read the definition of abstraction twice before attending an interview, but I was unable to remember it at the moment.
So I said, “I don’t know the definition of Abstraction but the abstraction is that by using we can simplify the complex things.
e.g. There are only 3 main colors Red, Green and Blue. By using that three colors, we can create any color. “.

Q 5. What is Encapsulation?
Ans: Encapsulation id binding Similar Data Member & Member Functions into a single unit.

(You must tell this in detail)

Q 6. What is Entity LINQ?
Ans: I given typical an answer. I said that “Langauge Integrated Query” which is used to fetch & save data into Database”.

Q 7. What is Difference between LINQ & Entity Framework?
Ans: I don’t know actual difference So I said, “I have practical knowledge of both & both are used to database related operations. But, I don’t know an actual difference between them.”

An Interviewer: You have 2 years of experience now. You do not just use it. see the purpose of using behind it.

He asked me two more questions. Forget about the answers, Even I couldn’t understood the questions what he asked..!

Q 8. How many interviews you have given before this? Be frank.
Ans: (Sweet smile on face. Ask any Question but don’t ask this question.) After thinking sometime, I told 2 interviews.

An Interviewer: There are so many software companies in Mumbai. This is not last company. You may get a good job in future. But be prepare yourself.

He given me very nice guidance. I attended so many interviews but nobody given me such a great Guidance, feedback and suggestions.

I was not was not sad even I know that I was not selected.

Q 9. Any Question you have to ask?

I: I would like to know my drawbacks.
Interviewer: I am not such a great person to say about your drawbacks but, be prepare about what you write on your resume because most questions asked depends on what you written on your resume.

He guided me another 5 minutes.

Result of interview:

There is no need to tell what was the result of an interview. Exactly I was not selected but I learned many things from this interview experience.

Conclusion & Tips for this an Interview:

Be careful while writing on your resume. Prepare all the stuff what you written on your resume.

May all this my interview experience helps you. Best of luck… & Yes Don’t forget to put your comment. These are the awards for me & it encourages me to write next Interview Experience…! Best of luck once again. 🙂

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